The Android trick to silence alarms and calls after turning the screen of your cell phone

Phone calls and alarms are very important features in every mobile device with operating system Android, since the first allows you to communicate with all your contacts from anywhere in the world; while the second helps you get up so you don’t miss school, university or work. However, on many occasions both turn out to be a nuisance, since their sound or vibration could interrupt you when you are sleeping or in a meeting that requires silence. In this opportunity, from Depor we will teach you how to automatically silence all calls and alarms just by putting your smartphone with the screen facing down.

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Sometimes it can be awkward to touch the physical volume down button to mute a call or manually snooze or turn off an alarm, it would be easier to turn the smartphone over to avoid interruptions; however, keep in mind that if you activate the tool Android “Flip to mute”, every time you leave your device with the screen down you will not feel the new calls or alarms until the selfie camera points up again.

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  • First, pull down the notification bar Android and press the icon of the cogwheel or gear that is located in the upper right corner, thus you will enter the “Settings” or “Settings”.
  • Now, find and click on the section called “Advanced functions”.
  • The next step is to tap on the “Motions and Gestures” option.
  • Finally, activate the “Flip to mute” switch.

Ready, that would be all, you will not need to download additional applications to perform this trick, in addition, you will not have to ask a friend or family member to call you, because you can verify the configuration by adding an alarm that sounds in a few minutes. Then, after activating your alarm clock, just place your phone “face down” to silence it.

What does “Nearby” mean on my Android phone

  • Suddenly when you pulled down the notification bar you saw the “Nearby” icon.
  • This is represented as a knotted bow, what is it for?
  • Well, like Bluetooth, it gives you the ability to share all the photos and videos you want in a matter of seconds.
  • But, this is much faster than infrared and Bluetooth itself.
  • In order to activate it, you simply have to link your cell phone Android with someone else’s mobile, so you can share any information quickly.
  • Best of all, you don’t need mobile data or connect to the same Wi-Fi network to use it.

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