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The Bâbord Club hits the mark at the Ronquières Festival

The Bâbord Club hits the mark at the Ronquières Festival

They wanted young people to be able to dance, the organizers of the Ronquières Festival hit the mark. From the first evening, young – and less young – festival-goers took advantage of the third and brand new stage which appeared on the site of the Inclined Plane, the Bâbord Club finding an increasingly large audience as the season progressed. festival.

While the Tribord and Bâbord stages still rely on the rap, pop and rock ingredients that make the success of the Ronquières Festival, the Bâbord Club wants to be resolutely more electro. So as not to rush in blindly, the organizers have called on fine connoisseurs to compose the menu for this new scene. Jonas and Globule from Rockerill have thus summoned a fine line-up of Belgian DJs. On Friday, Moodylow, John Parm and Lilihell got the ball rolling. With success!

“It’s a change from the usual Ronquières Festival music, but the atmosphere is there”, testifies Emilie d’Estinnes. “We have good sound, in a friendly setting. It corresponds well to the spirit of Ronquières”.

We can therefore expect to see a lot of people still tread the dancefloor of this Bâbord Club on Saturday and Sunday. And probably even the next few years. “It’s honestly a good idea. There’s potential. We can imagine that it won’t become the Electropedia of the Dour Festival, but there’s plenty to make for a great electro scene”concludes Marco de Mons.

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