The bad moment of the journalist Dominique Metzger in Qatar: her wallet was stolen while she was going live

He told it on his Instagram account. The authorities assured him that “they will find it because everything is watched.”

The euphoria and joy that has been experienced in the streets of Qatar for several days – when the country began to receive thousands of fans from all over the world who arrive excited for the start of a new World Cup – also has its B-side. And it was that side almost hidden by the World Cup fever that the journalist experienced this Friday Dominique Metzger when he was the victim of a robbery.

The episode of insecurity happened when in Doha it was already after 8:30 p.m. and the TN host was with her microphone in front of the camera making one of the last airings of the day.

It was in the middle of the broadcast that he had his wallet stolen, in which he carried all his documents, as well as money and credit cards. A fact that forced her to go to a police station to file her complaint.

She herself recounted the moment through her social networks, where she detailed what happened to her followers: “Well, Qatari experiences. My wallet just got robbed when we were doing the live start. This is the police, they sent me here to file a complaint,” she said in Instagram stories showing the facade of the police station.

And she added, frustrated: “They assure that everything is monitored here and that they are going to find the wallet. He had the documents, money, cards … obviously what worries me the most, the other does not matter to me at all. So nothing, we’ll see What’s up. Experiences that one did not expect to live, live them“.

A few minutes after giving context about the episode in which she starred, Dominique re-recorded herself inside the police station and, while waiting to file her complaint, showed what the place is like and how it works.

“Here we are inside the police station. As a detail of ‘color’, put it, it is a sector for women only. They made me go to a waiting sector only for women because everything is divided,” he said, making a brief general overview of the room where he was.

Finally he concluded: “In a sector there are the men then. You go to the main counter and they refer you. Now a female police officer comes. Let’s see what they tell me,” he closed without going back to advance further details of how the authorities proceeded.


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