The Bronzés in mourning: an actress dies in a motorcycle accident

The Bronzés are in mourning. And the whole Splendid team who nicknamed her “Coquillette”, too. . Véronique Barrault died in a motorcycle accident in Gironde. If she was not as well known as Marie-Anne Chazel or Josiane Balasko, she was one of those actresses whose humor and energy we love, whose face we know without necessarily being able to put a name to it.

In The Bronzés go skiing, it was she who played the nurse of Jérôme Tarayre, interpreted by Christian Clavier. A role she had taken over for My life is hell by Josiane Balasko. She had also lent her sense of the slap in the face to Snow White in She sees dwarves everywhere (at the theatre), before playing a secretary in The American quarter houra saleswoman in Walk in the shadeor to hold secondary roles in Cursed lawn, Seven years of marriage, Royal palace, Lend me your hand, Client, The queens of the ring or Josephine rounds off.

In television, we had also been able to see it in the series Julie Lescaut, Maigret, Gears Where Research section.

Just like Coluche, his career ends because of a motorcycle accident. She was 64 years old.

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