The Bunkers confirm second concert for their return: Fans sold out the first show

The bunkers They once again unleashed the madness of their fans once the tickets for their comeback concert went on sale, which sold out in record time. That is why now they agreed to perform a second show for their comeback.

There were 34 thousand tickets that were sold in just 8 hours for the concert scheduled for March 11, 2023, settling the historical nature of the event.

Francisco and Mauricio Durán highlighted that “We are very happy with the incredible response of the people to our comeback concert. However, we received thousands of messages from people who were left out and we are happy to open this new date for them”.

Now, the thousands of fans left out of that first date by not reaching one of the tickets, will have a new opportunity to see local musicians live.

The Bunkers add second date | When and where is the comeback show?

A) Yes, The bunkers they added a new date for Sunday March 12, 2023in it Santa Laura Stadium-SEK University.

Álvaro López explained “that these two concerts take place at the Santa Laura stadium is very important for my brother and for me, since it is close to our neighborhood where my parents, my uncles, my grandparents grew up; place where we came to live 20 years ago with Gonza when we left Concepción. For us, to a certain extent, this path began here, and it is special to resume it from the same place.”

Los Bunkers confirm second concert for their return. (Photo: Los Bunkers)

The Bunkers add second date | When and how to buy tickets for the concert at the Santa Laura Stadium?

Ticket sales will start this Thursday. May 12 starting at 12:00 p.m. (Chile) through the system PointTicket.

The values ​​range from $24,990 to $80,990.

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