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NHL club interrupted 13-game winning streak due to three canceled goals

“New Jersey” lost three goals and lost in a home game with “Toronto”. Fans after the third cancellation of the goal began to throw foreign objects on the ice, the coaches of the guests decided to take the team to the locker room

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Photo: Global Look Press/Keystone Press Agency

The New Jersey Devils failed to set a club record for the longest winning streak in the NHL regular season, after being called off three goals against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

New Jersey lost at home to Toronto with a score of 1:2.

In the first period, the referees canceled Jonas Siegenthaler’s goal after a video review due to a blocking of the goalkeeper. In the second game segment, due to contact with the goaltender of another player, the Devils canceled Damon Severson’s puck, and in the third, they first counted, and then recognized Eric Howla’s goal, scored from the opponent’s skate, as an erroneous one.

After the third puck was canceled, New Jersey fans began throwing foreign objects on the ice, Toronto coaches led the team into the locker room. The New Jersey player called the spectators to order, after a while the game resumed.

A teammate stole a goal from Ovechkin. Video

Photo: Global Look Press

Toronto defenseman Mark Giordano said the team went to the basement for safety as beer cans were thrown at the players. “Honestly, I have never been in a similar situation. <...> You don’t want to look up because you’re afraid of getting hit in the face or something like that,” said the hockey player, whom quotes sportsnet.

“It’s not often you see three (disallowed goals) in one game. But we saw,” said New Jersey coach Lindy Ruff.

New Jersey previously won 13 games in a row in February-March 2001.

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