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Captain Yamila Pérez and striker Nicole Mariñelarena, already without promotion for 2023, will become Emelec’s reinforcements only for the last date of 2022.

Two players leave Wanderers Fem and sign for a match!  with Emelec
© GentlenessTwo players leave Wanderers Fem and sign for a match! with Emelec

The Women’s Ascent championship will play, this weekend, date 10 of its regular phase. Despite the fact that there are still several matches pending from the first day, those classified for the semifinals of 3 of the 4 groups are already defined: Coquimbo Unido (north zone), Unión Española (central north zone) and Deportes Temuco (south zone).

For that reason, and despite having a match to play, Santiago Wanderers has already sentenced his elimination from the race for a place in the 2022 First Division. And this Thursday it was confirmed that two players left the caturra store to have their first adventure abroad: Nicole Mariñelarena and Yamila Pérez.

The first played in Everton in the past and was one of the players who sued the club for job recognition, while the second was the captain of the Buenos Aires for 15 years. Both will arrive at Emelec in Ecuador, which will play this weekend… the last date of the Ecuadorian Women’s Super League!

El Bombillo is not one of the female powers in Ecuador, and this year they are 12th in the general table and seventh in the group B table, so they no longer have the chance to climb and reach positions of playoffs, in the absence of the last game against Ñañas (2nd in the group), which will be played this Saturday, August 6 at 10:30 a.m. (Chilean time).

Pérez and Mariñelarena shared images on their respective Instagram accounts and there, the second, pointed out that “to make it clear, It’s just for the last game of the Ecuadorian league, where they asked us to reinforce for a few days. Monday we return with everything to Chile“.

The excaturras have been in Ecuador since Wednesday and began their first training sessions on Thursday. They will be there until Sunday, the day they will begin their return to Chile to return to Santiago Wanderers.

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