The defense slept: Mansilla scored the 1-1 of the 'Squid' in the River vs Platense [VIDEO]

The ‘Millionaire’ went ahead on the scoreboard in the duel between River vs Platense with a goal by José Paradela at 11 ‘. However, the ‘Squid’ reacted quickly and, three minutes later, found the tie that silenced the Monumental Stadium.

Goalkeeper Ezequiel Centurión, who is replacing Franco Armani, came out playing with González Pirez. The defender returned the ball to his goalkeeper, however, the ball fell short and that was taken advantage of by Horacio Tijanovich who dodged Emanuel Mammana’s mark.

Then, the left winger saw that the goalkeeper came out and gave the ball to Brian Mansilla who scored the 1-1. Then, the players involved blamed each other for the mistake made, while the cameras focused on the sad face of Marcelo Gallardo.

River vs Platense: what is coming

After the duel at the Monumental de Núñez, the ‘Millionaire’ will continue his participation in the Argentine Professional League Cup, already thinking about the quarterfinals of the tournament, and also with an eye on the Copa Libertadores.

Gallardo’s team will face Tigre in the next instance of the Argentine league, with a date and time yet to be confirmed. What the ‘Millo’ has confirmed are his next duels in the Libertadores.

River will receive Colo Colo on Thursday, May 19, and then close their participation in the group stage against Alianza Lima, possibly already qualified for the next round.

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