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The competition program is already in its final stretch. Find out the details below.

The Chef's Disciple
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There is nothing left to know the winner of the fourth season of The Chef’s Disciple so the gastronomy space of Chilevision It has already defined the finalists who will fight to win the grand prize and it has also eliminated an outstanding participant.

Who is the last eliminated from the competition?

After a grueling elimination test, the one eliminated by decision of the chefs was Valentina Ramosthe former finalist of MasterChef.

The former MC lived a complicated chapter, since while preparing her dish she felt blocked and had to stop for a few moments. The native of Lolol broke down in tears during the competition, pointing out “I’m not going to continue, I’m retiring.”

Natalia Duco came over to help her and to talk to her to reassure her. “La vale is an open-minded Chilean woman, let’s go with everything”, The athlete told him.

“I blocked myself, I blocked myself again, that happened to me“, he pointed to the cameras. Valentina was able to finish the test, however, it was not enough to qualify for the grand final.

After knowing the result, his colleagues came up to give him words of encouragement, as did the space host, Emilia Daiber. “We adore you. You filled this kitchen with your joy, with your good humor, with your good vibes, with your dances. I’m going to miss you so much. You came too far and I’m so proud of you.“said the communicator.

Vale pointed out in his farewell that participating in the space is a very beautiful experience. “I could have given more, I’ll keep that feeling, but hey. I have to go with my head held high, I was wrong, I fell, but I get back up and continue.”

Who are the finalists?

The competitors who went to the final of the fourth season are Nicole Ángel, Yuhui Lee, Carolina Erazo, Natalia Duco and Víctor ‘Zafrada’ Díaz.

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