The Earth is burning: here is the impressive evolution of temperatures since 1880 (VIDEO)

Climate change is very real and increasingly tangible. For several years now, heat waves, droughts, heat waves and other episodes of torrential rain have been linked together, regularly breaking new records. Extreme weather events are on the rise. However, some people still have difficulty understanding the seriousness of the situation. Climate change is clearly visible when we look at meteorological data recorded on Earth since 1880 by NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS). The proof with this animation:

It is climatologist Ed Hawkins, who works at the National Center for Atmospheric Science at the University of Reading, who is behind this “climate spiral”, a shocking visualization. His goal ? Show monthly global temperature anomalies (changes from an average) between the years 1880 and 2021. All white and blue correspond to colder than average temperatures, while orange and red colors indicate warmer temperatures. This animation shows the existence of a natural variability (cf the bottom of the spiral until around 1990), before the imprint of global warming is clearly printed.

It thus appears very clearly that since the pre-industrial era, and especially the 1990s, temperatures have been rising. A direct impact of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities.

NASA has since published other data in the form of very meaningful animations. This is for example the case of this curve which shows that with the increase in terrestrial temperatures since 1950, the hottest days have become more frequent and the coldest days less frequent. “As the bell curve becomes shorter, more data can be seen trending to the right, revealing warmer days“, explains NASA on Twitter.

On its website dedicated to climate science, NASA also recalls some key figures related to climate change. She points out, for example, that nineteen of the hottest years that the Earth has known have taken place since the beginning of the 2000s or that the sea level has risen by 10.16 cm since 1993.

Data that echo the warnings of climatologists and scientists who have been studying climate change for more than 50 years, as well as the latest IPCC reports.

An implacable reality that reminds us that there is no more time to lose.

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