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The Web comic has captivated and surprised its readers for its third season.

Mob Psycho 100.
© crunchyroll.Mob Psycho 100.

This week the eighth episode of the third season of Mob Psycho 100 premiered, and we don’t have too much ahead of us. With a fairly intense arc that turned everything upside down, it anticipates surprises that can come to the series.although, the recent release of the new advance gives us to understand that we must prepare for the final stretch of the season. Will it be so?

What is the trailer for Mob Psycho 100?

Is there a season finale and Mob Psycho 100?

The series has not officially confirmed its end of season, however, it is necessary to get an idea that if we take into account the story of the manga that remains to be adapted, it may mean the indication of a term since the previous two seasons covered 91 chapters. of the ONE manga, making only 10 pending chapters to give body to the third installment.

That is why even if there are at least OVAS or a season with original material, the anime is on its way to its end. What lay ahead was the Divine Tree Arc, the ???% Arc, the Mini-Telepathy Arc, and the epilogue. Both first ones should most likely be almost all covered, so the last chapters of the anime installment should serve to align the closure towards its final arc and give us the final term.

Now with this trailer, we cannot identify too many details that make us suspect a season ending, however, we can expect more combat between psychics and see Shigeo exploring his powers at an extreme level that he had been holding back until now. On the other hand, it should be noted that Studio Bones has left a season that has captivated the public due to its animation quality, and it seems that they are still saving the best for the final chapters.

Where to see the chapters of Mob Psycho 100?

If you want to see the new episodes of Mob Psycho 100, you can do it through the anime streaming service, Crunchyroll and see the new chapters every week where the complete series is also found.

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