The essential is acquired for the Olympic against Hoogstraten (2-1)

The Olympic puts direct pressure on their opponent but struggles to be dangerous against an opponent grouped in front of their rectangle. The away team clearly came to take a point. It was not until the 24th minute to see Dahmane open the scoring. The Carolo striker, as a surface fox, appears in front of the goalkeeper to push the ball into the back of the net. Shortly before the break, Hoogstraten is reduced to ten. Loshi receives a second yellow card.

With this advantage at halftime and the numerical superiority, the Carolos are in an armchair. Maybe even a little too much. The second period passed slowly, the Mastiffs had the leather but did not create any chances, never putting a well-organized visiting team in danger. Odimboleko-Owandjilonge takes advantage of the defensive laxity to deceive Moriconi. This equalizer wakes up the Mastiffs who score the winning goal by Rivollier in the 90th. The Mastiffs take the three points, that was the main thing

Olympic 2 – Hoogstraten 1

  • Olympic: Moriconi, Felix, Maisonneuve, Dahmane, Delbergue, Lioka Lima, Hassaini (59th Ouali), Hadj, (72nd Rivollier), Massengo, Ito Singa (85th Vanderbecq), Sa├»dane
  • Hoogstraten: Kustermans, Van Dooren, Loshi, Bevers (76th Lauwers), De Almeida, Vermeeren, Verheyen (90+1st Bastiaensen), Budts (60th Odimboleko-Owandjilonge), Meeuwis, Tilburgs
  • Referee: Mr. Afifi
  • Yellow Cards: Loshi (2x), Hassaini, Massengo
  • Red Card: Loshi
  • Goals: Dahmane (1-0, 24th), Odimboleko-Owandjilonge (1-1, 69th), Rivollier (2-1, 90th)

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