Samuel It's'o

Samuel Eto’o has pleaded guilty to tax evasion by transferring media rights and will pay a hefty fine. Previously, similar cases were filed against other Spanish football stars, including Ronaldo and Messi.

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Samuel Eto’o

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Former Barcelona and Anji striker Samuel Eto’o pleaded guilty to tax evasion of more than €3.8 million between 2006 and 2009 and was given a suspended sentence of 22 months. About it informs

The former representative of the football player Jose Maria Mesalles was sentenced to a year of probation. Eto’o will pay a fine of €1.8 million on four counts of fraud, Mesalles – more than €900,000.

The football player had to declare the income received from the rights transferred to Barcelona and Puma to use his image in advertising, but did not do this. The rights were transferred through two companies – one was registered in Hungary and paid no Spanish tax at all, and the other in Spain, under the leadership of Mesalles, paid much less than required.

This scheme of tax evasion through the transfer of media rights to intermediaries has been used by many footballers in Spain. Spanish prosecutors have previously opened similar cases against Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who were also given heavy fines and suspended sentences.

The president of Barcelona accused his predecessor of financial fraud

Joan Laporta

“I admit the facts and that I have to pay, but I want to report that I was a child then and did everything as my father told me,” Eto’o said. It is noted that he considered Mesalles to be the “second father”.

The Cameroonian also sued Mesalles for mismanagement of his assets, the case is still under investigation.

Eto’o played for Barcelona in 2004-2009, during his career he also played for Inter, Anji, Chelsea and other clubs.

As part of the Cameroon national team, the forward twice won the African Cup of Nations and became the silver medalist of the Confederations Cup (2003).

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