The fans of Independiente asked "elections now" and they insulted Hugo Moyano even though he did not go to the field

Hot moments were experienced after the win against Hurricane. And it is that many plateistas gathered in the playón of the Erico tribune to request that the elections be held that were suspended last December due to irregularities in the lists. There were also insults for President Hugo Moyano, who was not on the court, for Secretary General Héctor Maldonado and for the rest of the Board of Directors.

Those who were in the popular ones could not enter the place because the accesses were closed and under police custody. That is why moments of tension were experienced on Alsina street, above Gate 1.

Before and during the game, the fans also demonstrated. In the Bochini stalls area, in front of the official box, two flags were unfurled that said #eleccionesya and #andatemoyano.

With the game underway, insults came down from all four sides seconds after each of Independiente’s goals. “Che Moyano/the con… of your mother/let’s see if you realize/that no one loves you,” they sang. He continued: “The club belongs to the members / the members / the club belongs to the members”. And they closed: “Let them all go / let there not be / not a single one”.

In addition, at the entrance to the stadium, different groups of members distributed brochures requesting early elections, after all, the unanimous request of the Red fans.

Next week a key meeting will take place between the three groups that are vying for power in the club. The idea of ​​agreeing on a unit list flies over to start ordering a club that is convulsed beyond the good results of the last week.

In this way, the ruling party will participate in the conclave under the seal of Independent Association, Fabián Doman will be for Independent Unit and Claudio Rudecindo is the visible head of Gente de Independiente.

The elections were to be held on Sunday, December 19, but were suspended since the Electoral Commission, made up of officials close to the Moyano, argued that the list headed by Doman was in breach of the statute due to bureaucratic irregularities.

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