The favorite sign weighs a lot, but...

No.o It is easy to walk with the favorite sign because it weighs a lot, but if someone knows how to carry it, it is Brazil. It is his routine, normal having already lifted five World Cups and painting so well to achieve the sixth. The first step has been taken, although it took him an hour to find the right route.

Those of Tite have plenty of resources, as they showed in the Lusail, stadium of the final, and as they were able to verify this highly prepared generation of Serbia. Next Please: Swissnext Monday.

World Cup Qatar 2022. Group G (J1): Summary and goals of Brazil 2-0 Serbia

And if Vlahovic had left before?

Serbia forcibly dispensed with their most decisive player, Vlahovic. To gauge its importance, the physical problems of the Juventus striker, formerly of Fiorentina, deprived his team of a footballer who landed in Qatar until 66′, having participated in 28 goals in 42 games in 2022. When he entered, he found with a Brazil ahead and unstoppable.

first nine times

Brazil brought out almost half of their lineup to make their debut: Alex Sandro, Paquetá, Vinicius, Raphinha and Richarlison made their debut in a World Cup, with teammates like Danilo and Marquinhos adding their second presence in a World Cup. Rodrygo, Fred, Antony and Martinelli also lived through that very special moment later, especially if you are Brazilian.

The Raphinha of Barcelona

Raphina landed on her feet in Barcelona, ​​exciting her fans and agreeing with those who had raised their thumbs for such a large outlay despite the overcrowded culé up top. However, once the can was opened, the gas went away until it lost its strength. Xavi has been sitting him down since October 20, except for the inconsequential visit to Plzen, and perhaps Tite, for whom he is indisputable, should look at that example. The ex from Leeds tried it, but again without success: he forgave only before the goalkeeper the 1-0 at 49 ‘and it was dark at 53’.

Gudelj went with Neymar

The image of Neymar crying on the bench scares Brazil

There are tickets that generate almost the same noise in a stadium as a goal, and most of them have Neymar as the protagonist… in the role of victim. The star of PSG and Brazil is the one who receives the most from the big leagues, but there are things that one should not get used to. For example, Gudelj’s hack at 49′, to stop him on the edge of the area. At 60 ‘he took another stick of those that sting and, fed up, he turned.

Richarlison: Long Live the Fools

Goal by Richarlison (2-0) in Brazil 2-0 Serbia

They say, affectionately of course, that Richarlison is ‘crazy’. He has shown it on several occasions off the field, with famous statements such as his desire to leave when he retires to an island full of women to emulate the mythical photo of Ronaldinho; or how to insult a German journalist at a press conference because of how he talked about Neymar. And he also teaches it in short, without giving up a ball, without running away from a crash and trying the impossible. Thus he scored 1-0 and was crowned with a fantasy 2-0, with an earwig, which he must frame in his house.

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