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Fernández Vial’s goalscorer, after the relegation to the Second Division of the Almirante men’s team, has been surveyed by Colo Colo.

Franchesca Caniguán approaches Colo Colo Fem for 2023
© Road CommunicationsFranchesca Caniguán approaches Colo Colo Fem for 2023

The 2022 season of Chilean women’s football is not over yet. This weekend of November 26 and 27, date 7 of the 2022 National Championship will take place, which will also be the last of the regular phase, and the final will only be on December 17, after playing the two semifinals.

However, the smoke season ahead of the 2023 tournament has already begun. Although the format or the date on which the upcoming contest will begin is not yet known, there are already several names that are hanging around different clubs. Mainly, a couple of departures from Fernández Vial are envisioned.

The reason is simple: with the relegation of the aurinegro men’s team to the Second Professional Division, the budget that the institution will manage will make some players look for new destinations in clubs that offer them a contract from the beginning of the year. In simple words: in Santiago.

Franchesca Caniguán is one of them. Fernández Vial’s goalscorer is one of the Vial players who are in talks with Luis Mena. Chesca was one of the main figures of the club during this season, and everything indicates that she will come to Colo Colo. She has previously stated that she is a fan of the Cacique.

The forward has 15 goals in the 2022 Women’s Championship and is the fifth top scorer, behind Sonya Keefe (21), Ysaura Viso and Thiare Parraguez (20) and Yenny Acuña (16). Given the eventual departure of María José Urrutia and Viso herself, the albas are looking for a goal and Caniguán is seen as a good option.

But she is not the only penquista in conversations. Daniela Ceballos, a winger from Universidad de Concepción, was also surveyed by Colo Colo to join the band that Geraldine Leyton currently covers and, in case of absence, Fernanda Hidalgo, who also serves as left winger.

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