Photo: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Two junior couples collided in training before the free dance at the stage in Perm, both withdrew from the competition. Varvara Kurnosenko’s coach said no one was to blame for the incident

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Photo: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Varvara Kurnosenko, who performs in ice dancing with Fedor Varlamov, suffered a concussion as a result of a collision with another duet in training, said TASS sports coach Petr Durnev.

In training for the free dance at the Russian Junior Grand Prix in Perm, Kurnosenko and Varlamov collided with Vlada Khramova and Matvey Grachev.

“During training, another couple drove into the guys, no one is to blame, they just didn’t see each other. Varya has a slight concussion, in connection with this we were forced to withdraw the athletes from the competition in order to maintain their health, ”said Durnev.

Kurnosenko and Varlamov were seventh after the rhythm dance, Khromova and Grachev, who also withdrew from the tournament, were twelfth.

Anna Shcherbakova and Yegor Goncharov won the competition.

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