The first half ends with a victory for Banfield vs Central Córdoba (SE) by 1-0

At the end of the first half, Banfield beat the visiting team 1-0 with a goal by Alejandro Cabrera.

The visiting team arrives to this date exultant, since they have just won, however the local team will seek to return to victory in their stadium after having tied the previous day.

Banfield drew 0-0 against Arsenal.

Central Córdoba (SE) is coming off a 1-0 win against Boca Juniors.

The local is in twenty-fifth place with 1 point (1 PE – 1 PP), while the visitor reached 4 units and is in sixth place in the tournament (1 PG – 1 PE).

The referee appointed for the match was Fernando Espinoza.

Probable Banfield formation today

The team led by Claudio Vivas poses its game with a 4-5-1 formation with Enrique Bologna in goal; Emanuel Coronel, Alejandro Maciel, Dylan Gissi and Luciano Abecasis in defense; Nicolás Domingo, Alejandro Cabrera, Agustín Urzi, Matías González and Giuliano Galoppo in the middle; and Ramiro Enrique in the lead.

Probable formation of Central Córdoba (SE) today

For their part, those led by Sergio Rondina stand on the court with a 4-4-2 strategy with Cristopher Toselli under the three sticks; José Gómez, Fabio Pereyra, Matías Di Benedetto, Nahuel Banegas in defense; Francisco González Metilli, Jesús Soraire, Nicolás Linares and Alejandro Martínez in midfield; and Claudio Riaño and Sebastián Ribas up front.

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