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Ben Brereton scored his first goal of the 2022-23 Championship season. The Chilean made it 2-0 for Blackburn Rovers to win over Swansea.

Ben defined in front of goalkeeper Andrew Fisher
© CaptureBen defined in front of goalkeeper Andrew Fisher

Just two dates were enough Ben Brereton Diaz to score his first goal of the 2022-23 season of the Championship. The national striker was a starter in Blackburn Rovers against Swansea and was the protagonist of the second goal of the day.

A little more than ten minutes before the start of the second half, Brereton Díaz received a ball from Ryan Hedges and went hand in hand with the goalkeeper Andrew Fisher: without hesitating, the Chilean defined over the goalkeeper and increased the advantage for Rovers.

Previously, Samuel Szmodics had marked the opening of the account: at 39′, the English midfielder defined with a right hand that made it 1-0 for Rovers.

The Chilean’s goal is the first he has scored since the start of a new season. Before he said present at the 1-0 win over Queens Park Rangersbut he had something annulled that did not let him celebrate.

In the last edition of the Championship, Ben excelled with a total of 22 goals that placed him among the top scorers in the competition, although they were not enough to achieve promotion.

Check out Ben Brereton’s goal for Blackburn Rovers’ 2-0 win over Swansea

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