The first smart shin guards to take the football world by storm

Hnot long ago it was usual to see the coaches walking with their notebooks on the soccer fields. In them they pointed out his concerns, analysis of the game and the development of his players to try to decipher the key to success. Something that nowadays practically has disappeared devoured by a technology that does not stop evolving by leaps and bounds in modern football.

A change in the way football teams optimize their performance, training and resources. Technology has come to the world of football to stay and clubs do not want to be left behind in a data race that is becoming more and more fashionable: “Give one more point at the level of analysis and at the level of training development. Feed on all the information that the shin guards give us to have a good base with the quarry and be able to work better: control temperature and more technical metrics such as the distances, speeds or performance variables of each footballer”, assures lokin wolfDepartment of Physical Preparation CA Osasuna.

The first smart shin guards

The binomial that sweeps the world of football: leg protector and smart device. Although at first it sounds like a tall tale… after discovering its uses, we have no choice but to applaud the ingenuity of the innovation teams that have made this technology possible.

The HUOX 50 shin guardsthe star product of the technology company HUMANOX which is part of the FIFA Innovation Program, is already implemented on a day-to-day basis in several LaLiga and Rfef teams, such as CA Osasuna, Cadiz CF or the Racing de Santander. In less than a year, the start-up managed to bill 2.4 million euros and the rojillo club’s quarry has 500 devices to try to monitor its young pearls in the best possible way.

The shin guards are integrated into the kit of each footballer (regulatory element of protection) and provide monitoring, performance and health information to help all departments: “It measures more than 40 health and performance parameters that allow you, in real time, to see and modify with the technical team… and the entire sports life is also stored, the behavior of a footballer’s bodyis stored in your profile and you can see the evolution in a session or in the whole season”, he tells us Joaquin PerlesDirector of Communication of Humanox.

Use of the extracted data

Made of carbon fiber, the shin guards have various sensors to identify GPS/GNSS positionpodometric activity, body temperature and heart rate, as well as two accelerometers, two gyroscopes, a force gauge, a timer, microphones, a sim card and bluetooth. Everything you need to get information the most valuable information of each player.

HUMANOX shin guard analysis

More than 500 devices in the CA Osasuna academy

They process more than 50,000 data per training/match

40 different variables that are monitored on the mobile phone or computer of the player or the coaching staff

A battery that offers an average of four and a half hours of duration

“All the data that we manage to gather makes us grow in decision-making. We obtain objective data that we add to the subjective part that we already have with the entire history of Tajonar (Ciudad Deportiva de Osasuna). When making decisions we minimize the error and provide a part parallel to what the human being is. It is an added value for all the departments of the club”, Nacho LeblicResponsible for Data of CA Osasuna.

HUMANOX shin guards help club professionals when it comes to taking the heart rate, temperature, distance covered, ball hits, GPS, speed and endless applications that record all the athlete’s activity and also prevent injuries.

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