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The five least known facts about Lionel Messi

Sign as Leo: the name Lionel, is for the document.

A name expressly chosen by the letter “i”, which he changed to an “e”. The story that could have been written in Italian but was not in destiny. In addition, the children’s title in a Rosario club that is not Newell’sthe way he stopped throwing up during games and the musical instrument he masters. These are the five least known facts about Lionel Messi.

Leonel, renamed in Spain.

Sign as Leo: the name Lionel, is for the document.

When he was born, the chosen name was the unusual Lionel in tribute to Lionel –Laionelpronounced- Richie, author of the hit Say you, say me. which was heard ad nauseam during 1986. When his third child was born, his father Jorge wrote it down in the civil registry of Rosario. That is known, there is nothing new here. But at what point did Lio become Leo? It was upon arrival in the city of Barcelona. There it lost its original name, which although for the papers it still has the letter “Yo” in everyday dealings it became a “and”. In the old continent they began to call him Leonel and the apocope of Leo was installed, which he adopted for his autograph and personal brand. The first to accept it was Lionel himself.

He was able to revolutionize Calcium.

The postcard is from the Finalissima, but at the age of 12, Como from Italy was interested in his file and later regretted it.  Photo EFE

The postcard is from the Finalissima, but at the age of 12, Como from Italy was interested in his file and later regretted it. Photo EFE

Before Barcelona took over the family of the youth who was about to sign due to his promising performance, the What of the Italian Soccer League came close to doing so. The club from the North of the country at that time was a member of Serie A and tested Messi in 1999 and logically was interested in signing the promise. However, they did not assume the expense of the treatment or the move of the family. He finally declined and went Barcelona was the entity that won with your bet. “Watching it now makes you want to eat your hands. Having him is like having half a team. If we had signed him, we would have settled the balances for 30 years, ”he admitted a while ago Enrico Preziosiwho at the time was the president of the club.

Flowers not to vomit.

Lionel Messi at the time when he vomited before or during matches. AP Photo

There was a time when it was very common to see Messi on the side of the pitch without hiding his vomiting. Yes, in 2014 it was very common to see him that way before the match or in some passage, regardless of whether he was wearing the Argentina or Barcelona jersey. It was not a stomach problem, a virus, or something related to a breakdown. It was partly emotional and also the corollary of a poor diet. He visited a doctor in Italy, began a healthy diet, free of ultra-processed foods, eliminated soft drinks and flour-based foods, pork and beef, eggs, shellfish and various dairy products. In addition, she took Bach flowers to find a balance between mind and body.

Champion, with Central Córdoba.

Messi at 8 years old with the Central Córdoba de Rosario shirt and his trophy: he played a lightning tournament for Charrúa. web photo

In 1995 Messi was eight years old. Just like now, he wanted to play ball all day. He was in the juniors at Newell’s, but the tournament was on hiatus. There was a regional championship from which the Leprosy did not participate anymore Central Cordoba de Rosario came up with the good idea to write down the boy who had been talked about a lot since he played in Standard Bearer Grandoli, his first club. Thus, with the 10 on his back he lifted one of his first trophies and left his mark. Only four football clubs can say that Lio wore his shirt: Newell’s, Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint Germain and the Charrúa.

Play it again, Leo.

Leo Messi and Antonella, playing the guitar in the garden of their house in Rosario. (Instagram)

The photo is of Antonela and she uploaded it to her Instagram. It’s from when they were dating and had no children. They look like Leo’s first steps on the guitar, watching over an LA major about to strum with his thumb. In other posts, he showed three other guitars -none electric-, which would show that he is still into the six strings. How good a footballer will he be as a guitarist?

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