The four offers that Dembélé handles

Ousmane Dembl His contract with Barcelona ends in a week. His future is still up in the air with various suitors trying to seize his services. Right now he has on the table a renewal offer from Barcelona to which he has not yet responded. And there are three clubs that have been interested in him and would be willing to sign him: PSG, Chelsea and Bayern.

Xavi: “I don’t know what else to say about Ousmane, I already signed it”

stop renewal

The situation with Barcelona is stuck. The player wants to stay at Barcelona and Xavi from the first moment is pressing for the Board to make an effort and sign him. However, the club has not made any further moves after the renewal offer he proposed. Everything remains the same waiting to see if they can close some of the economic agreements they are negotiating with which there would be more money and it could be allocated to the renewal of the French.

The touch factor

The one that is pressing the most to get their services is the Chelsea. For Touchel, a coach who already had him at Borussia Dortmund, is a priority signing. It is the best positioned club. There has been talk that the possible arrival of Sterling would block the signing of the Frenchman, but this is not the case. Touchel contemplates the two players because he can put the City striker as a center forward.

french connection

PSG has always been there. Although it was said that with the arrival of Luis Campos as Sports Director instead of Leonardo, the signing of Dembl was ruled out, the reality is that the Parisian club continues to maintain contacts with the player with the idea of ​​incorporating him this summer. The fact that Mbapp stays is not an obstacle either, and even more so with the departure of Di María.

Finally there is the Bayern Munich, although the interest of the Bavarian club has decreased in recent days. However, Dembl is on the list of possible reinforcements. Over the next few days, the player will have to decide which of the four paths he activates to resolve his future.

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