The German Messi, who played for England and who threatens Spain

Jamal Musiala He is one of the stars of the renewed German team, Spain’s rival in the group stage of the World Cup and the selection to which the Luis Enrique they will try to beat next Sunday in the second game of group E. The Bayern player, with only 19 years, has become one of the sensations of European football. So much so that many already call him the German Messi.

“It’s an honor to be compared to Messi. But I’m just starting out and he’s been at a ‘top’ level all his life”explained Musiala during the press conference in which he appeared with Nikla Sle. “It is a difficult comparison. Much appreciated, but I am Jamal, I focus on myself; and on evolving,” said Musiala, who played in all national teams england bottoms and that since 2021, having been born in Stuttgart, he does so as a German international. “We have the quality to go far in this tournament. And We can win the World Cup. We have prepared well, and we already want to start”,

An ‘Englishman’, reconverted

The Bayern player was a member of the English team and came to play in various categories of the British youth teams. “I never got to paint my face with the English flag,” Jamal replied when asked by the English press if he hadn’t supported the ‘Three Lions’ team years ago. “But when I played for England, I supported England and I’m glad if they win. When I was little my goal was to play at Wembley; They supported me and I am very grateful. In England’s youth teams you learn a lot; It was a different environment, but the idea of ​​playing freely helped me a lot”.

Matthaus, in love

One of the great defenders of Jamal Musiala is the mythical Lothar Mathus, always very close to the Bayern player. “I hope Jamal becomes what Messi became at Barcelona. An idol, a legend, an unforgettable player who will carry and face the Bayern game for many years.”

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