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The Court of Arbitration for Sport determined that the Avellaneda team, which was close to hiring the current Colo Colo coach, must pay the Mexicans almost six million dollars for a debt related to the player Cecilio Domínguez.

Quinteros was saved from directing a debtor Independent.
© UNO Agency.Quinteros was saved from directing a debtor Independent.

The soap opera by Gustavo Quinteros and Independiente de Avellaneda came to an end a few weeks ago. The Argentine coach decided to stay in Colo Colo thinking about 2023 and put aside the option of crossing the mountain range to take over the technical direction of Red, in a decision that earns returns if the latest news about the trans-Andean painting.

It turns out that the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) has just ruled against Independienteforcing him to pay a millionaire sum of money to America from Mexico for a debt related to the player Cecilio Domínguez, a striker who in 2019 was signed by Rojo from the Aztec team.

In total Independiente must pay the Mexicans the not inconsiderable sum of 5.7 million dollars for the debtin a payment that must be made in the next 45 days to avoid the punishment of prohibition of transfers thinking about the next season.

Let’s remember that Avellaneda’s team finally decided to choose Leandro Stillitano as their new DT, thus removing a very important piece from Gustavo Quinteros’ coaching staff, since he was one of the main assistants of the man from Santa Fe.

We will have to see where Independiente gets the money to pay this millionaire sum of money. At least Gustavo Quinteros was saved from living an unpleasant experience in a team that seeks to organize itself institutionally with a new leadership.

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