"The Grand Prix of jewels and gallumbos"

yesIt’s about two types of return to everything, of course, that way it’s easier to appear in gallumbos without being slapped for memo, but in the background of the struggles of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, who defend their jewels and ‘portaboleiros’ with fierceness, underlies the Arabia thing, the very fact of going to run there, keep running with missiles coming and going, and now FIA and Liberty are getting pijoteros with my piercing. “I think there are bigger fish to fry,” was Lewis’ metaphor in Miami.

The FIA ​​sent a letter to the teams about the homologated and suitable underwear and prohibits wearing jewelry inside the car because it wields that can hinder both medical interventions and diagnosis and subsequent treatment if necessary after an accident. “The presence of jewelry can slow down, due to the risk of ‘snagging’, the removal of the driver’s safety equipment, such as helmets, balaclavas and coveralls.” Lewis responded by wearing three watches, eight rings, four necklaces and four other earrings on Friday, “and because he didn’t find any more,” he said. “If they stop me, great, let the reserve run,” I challenged.

Vettel appeared at the same time with his underpants on the outside running like a gazelle through the ‘paddock’. The German, who is still a four-time world champion, goes out dancing as soon as he hears two claps and he doesn’t care about collecting plastics at Silverstone, wearing sneakers and a rainbow shirt in Hungary or teaching a piloting course for women in Arabia. Everything is going well for your new social profile and by the way show off that great hair again that makes him almost an alternative rock star. He always had a speech, but tlimamente gives to everything.

“I know that if the car burns, if you have things it will be unpleasant. But on the other hand, I think, to some extent, it’s personal freedom, and if we’re old enough to make decisions outside the car, we should be old enough to make decisions inside the car as well,” says Aston Martin. , which is against many decisions of the FIA ​​​​and this matter has finished inflaming the meninges.

“If they want, I’ll sign a paper where I take responsibility away from them,” insists Lewis, who understands it as an intrusion into privacy, the straw that breaks the camel’s back. “It’s almost like a step backwards if you think about the steps we’re taking as a sport. I’ve been in the sport for 16 years, I’ve been wearing jewelry for 16 years, in the car I just wear my earrings and my nose ring, which I can’t even take it off. Some I can’t even tell where they are,” he adds. “And what I have is platinum so it’s not magnetic, I’ve had a lot of MRI’s and never had to take it off, it’s about individuality and being who you are.”

That had been said earlier by Gasly, who carries his personal crucifixes and trinkets here and there in the cabin. “I have religious items that I take with me, when I run, that are important to me, that I don’t feel comfortable if I don’t have them in the car. And I feel like it’s a little personal. We should have the freedom to do what we think is right, because we put our lives at risk. And I think it should be a personal choice.”

At the moment Hamilton has dispensation from a couple of races until he can dig and extract the necessary elements from his anatomy, but we’ll see. As easy as Kubica was, he wore a paper photo of Pope John Paul II on his helmet.

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