The Graspop literally stormed!

They have been waiting for this for three years. After two consecutive postponements caused by the pandemic, the Graspop Metal Meeting was finally able to celebrate its 25th anniversary. And how!

Spread over 4 days, this XXL version of the biggest metal festival in Belgium attracted a huge crowd on Thursday. In the memory of festival-goers, we have never seen so many people on the Antwerp plain in the early hours of the first day. Certainly, the arrival of Iron Maiden was not totally unrelated to this state of affairs, but, visibly, the festival-goers were impatient to find their favorite festival after three years of abstinence. The last edition was actually held in June 2019.

To launch this summer season of major festivals, the organizers have also put the dishes in the big for this 25th edition despite the many doubts related to the evolution of the pandemic. And the festival-goers responded since they were more than 55,000 to join the Campine with the desire not to miss a crumb of the festivities. As if they didn’t know what their tomorrow would be like.

Even a few hundred meters from the site, it was sometimes necessary to wait more than an hour to reach the Antwerp site completely submerged by traffic jams in its surroundings. “I’ve been waiting for this moment for three years,” Julien de Verviers told us. “Each time, I thought it was the right one before becoming disillusioned when the cancellation was announced. This time, I planned everything and arrived the day before to set up my tent so as not to miss anything .”

Impatience was indeed mixed with excitement from the first riffs delivered by our compatriots from The Curse Of Millhaven in the Metal Dome marquee from Thursday noon.

It was then the Finns of Battle Beast who launched hostilities on the main stage under a blazing sun. The public gave them a warm welcome even if the group relied on certain soundtracks to interpret the titles of its latest album without anyone finding it malicious… Understand who can…

The configuration of the site has been redesigned for the occasion; offering more space to festival-goers in front of the two main stages which have been erected next to each other as usual.

Three other tents hosted the other concerts; thus allowing fans to make a sometimes drastic choice to attend the various stage performances. They came in large numbers, dressed in their black T-shirts bearing the image of their favorite artists. They were able to walk from one stage to another to share from one stage to another to listen to their favorite music.

Fortunately, they were also able to find a few minutes of respite in the fair festival located just at the entrance to the site where food trucks, merchandising shops and the metal market finally got together to offer gadgets, tattoos and piercings to those who wished to mark their return to Graspop in an indelible way.

Because the desire of the festival-goers was, above all, to meet to commune around a single and same goal: their music. And it is certainly no coincidence that their faces sported a wide smile. Just to enjoy the present moment. It’s good to meet again after so long…

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