The great designated of the Argentine disaster

Argentina hit a beastly, global, historic hit. The country, which came with high expectations, suffered its first defeat in the last 37 games. His historical record of undefeated was 36. There are several reasons, several are indicated, but, be careful, because the ‘Scaloneta’ still has time for revenge. MARCA tries to explain the first debacle of this World Cup.

Scaloni, from hero… to technical questioned decisions

Lionel has a spectacular record in his 51 games with only five defeats, including that of Arabia. Go ahead. But what happened yesterday cannot take him in profile. Scaloni arranged an eleven with some players in doubt (Molina, Tagliafico, De Paul, Romero…). The team had no creative response at any time. When this Argentina is required to create, to fantasize… it suffers collectively. It is obvious. The coach’s changes, moreover, did not tickle Arabia. Why didn’t Ángel Correa come in, who at least has some spark? Or Thiago Almada, who puts a second gear into football, despite his youth? A management discussed in Argentina.

The designated: ‘Cuti’ Romero, Paredes, De Paul…

There are several names that compete not to start on Saturday against Mexico. The first, and most notable, is ‘Cuti’ Romero, who ended up ‘touched’ and who was seen to lack rhythm, slow, without conviction. He wasn’t the only one. The creation zone (Paredes-De Paul) did not draw anything, at any time, especially when it was needed, with the 1-2 against. ‘El Cuti’ will almost certainly not play against ‘Tri’.

The anxiety

It seemed that it had disappeared after winning the 2021 Copa América in Maracan and against Brazil, although it was a different Cup, since it was played without an audience and with a freezing atmosphere in the host country. But they won. First title since the 1993 Copa América. But anxiety returned yesterday as soon as the result went uphill (1-2). Nerves came, despair, raffling the ball, playing above… ‘Scaloneta’ hadn’t suffered that for a long time.

physically inferior

It was one of the clearest defects seen in the Albiceleste. In the second part, when the legs weighed more, the Saudis won all the duels, all the aerial balls. Argentina could not get up, they did not have a second gear. The mental deactivated the physical or vice versa, but the truth is that Arabia ended up winning all the divided situations.

Goal by Aldawsari (1-2) in Argentina 1-2 Saudi Arabia

Bad luck

“Football is dynamic of the unthinkable,” said Dante Panzeri, a distinguished Argentine journalist. And it’s true. If any of the three goals that Argentina scored after the 1-0 draw (all annulled) are validated, the game may be won by the Albiceleste ‘walking’. But soccer is wonderful because of these unexpected changes. The 1-0 followed, and then came what came. The three ‘offsides’ were annulled by less than half a metre. One of them, Lautaro’s, by several centimeters.

I read, yes but no

Messi started well, with the penalty (‘penaltito’) and with a lot of participation, but gradually faded away, like his team. In the second half, he had three players on him every time he drove and he couldn’t get rid of the Saud brand. He, too, was not fine in a free kick that he had towards the end. Di María, for his part, closed himself in, too confined to the right. He was not productive. I tried without individual success. Yes, but no.

On Saturday, the first anticipated final: Mexico-Argentina.

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