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First B

Nico Maturana dressed as a hero to score a great Maradonian goal and give a narrow victory to the foxes about the academy First B. After being substituted, he gave his shorts to a fan who jumped onto the field to thank him and after being chosen as the figure of the match he made a particular “claim”.

Nico Maturana was the hero of Cobreloa with a great goal to beat Magallanes.
© TNT SportsNico Maturana was the hero of Cobreloa with a great goal to beat Magallanes.

Cobreloa he beat him with a tight 1-0 a Magellan by date 23 of the Primera B tournament this Friday, August 5, and closed the gap with the exclusive pointer, who still has a 10-point lead at the top. Duel where the great hero went Nicholas Maturana.

The extreme of the loín box brought out his tremendous technique to send himself a real Maradonian great goal and put his team ahead from minute 8, an advantage that Emiliano Astorga’s pupils managed to maintain until the final whistle to leave three golden points at home.

Thus, the former University of Chile and Colo Colo put on the superhero cape and with a tremendous shoe stole all eyes and applause, so much so that a small fan jumped onto the field to thank him when he had to be replaced and left him in clothes inside, just like that.

A fan skipped the security of the Desert Foxes Stadium to go thank Maturana, and when they came up with everything to get him out, it was the loíno attacker himself who returned him to the gallery and gave him a special gift: his shorts. Thus, Nico was left in boxers on the side of the court.

After the final whistle, Nicolás Maturana was chosen as the star of the match, and when he faced the TNT Sports microphone, he celebrated the incredible score that was dispatched with all his might. In addition to starring in another fun moment.

“I’m happy, it was a nice goal. I haven’t made one this cute in a long time.I’m proud of my team for everything we’ve been through, but I’m happy with the goal”, an emotional Maturana shot from the start.

Later, the player who made his professional debut at U highlighted that “we played with the best team in the category, they take points away from us but we played a great game with up to 10 playerseach team proposed it was a beautiful show“.

I hope the framework of people continues to be repeated because they encourage us to continue with the same task to once and for all get the team to first”, he added to close asking for a greeting with a special dedication, where he starred in one of the many funny moments that he has accustomed us to.

Laughing, Maturana launched. “I hope they record my greeting, because they never record it for me, and then my daughter tells me ‘Dad, you don’t send me greetings.’ No, but he sent greetings to my daughter, I love her very much and I miss her very much, and to all the miners here, to all the people who represent Cobreloa, to my San Ramón neighborhood club, to my Muñoz family, to the Astorgas and to the home for minors that thanks to them I am what I am today”, he concluded

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