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The president of the ANFP, Pablo Milad, said that they are looking for ideas to lower the amounts spent on local soccer and one of the measures is that video arbitration be used in some duels chosen by lottery.

The VAR is in doubt, due to its high cost
© AgencyOneThe VAR is in doubt, due to its high cost

The National Professional Football Association (ANFP) is going through a severe economic crisis, as announced on Tuesday by its president Pablo Milad, and ideas are already being studied to save money in the National Championship.

The Chilean soccer helmsman, after the Council of Presidents that took place today, gave a series of ideas to reduce costs and one of them is linked to the VAR.

Milad believes that it is a good idea to stop using video arbitration in all matches, due to its high value, and use it in some matches, which would be chosen by lottery.

“We could lower costs by not having VAR in all games. That would significantly lower costs, we spent more than a billion on that. It’s a matter of agreeing as a Council, it’s an alternative,” said the boss of Creole football.

Later, he added on the same subject that “we are going to propose concrete measures to mitigate this deficit forecast.”

Of course, the cost of the VAR is not the most expensive, in fact the remuneration to the referees exceeds said expense, because they rise by 1,817 million pesos, on the 1,231 million that are spent on video arbitration.

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