The Indigo Center in La Louvière in mourning following the death of Mélanie Delhaye: "he was a radiant person"

This Sunday morning, the listeners of Classic 21, as well as all the members of the Center Indigo team, a youth center in La Louvière, where she worked, learned the bad news. Mélanie Delhaye, who woke listeners to the RTBF rock channel every weekend and held the position of communications manager at the Indigo Center was no more. “As soon as her illness was announced, it was a very hard blow for the whole team because we quickly learned that the tumor she was suffering from was not operable.“, told us Laurent Wimlot, alderman and president of the youth center. “This Sunday morning, we all learned the same thing on the radio and it was a new blow. Mélanie was a radiant, funny, endearing, dynamic person who was unanimous everywhere she went. It is certainly a great loss for the Indigo Centre.

Mélanie, who lived in Buvrinnes, in the Binchoise entity and was originally from Strépy-Bracquegnies, had worked at the Indigo center for many years. “She was truly a unifying element. Leaving like that, at 45, we can say it but it is not logical. It took courage and determination to get up, always in a good mood, every Saturday and Sunday at 5 a.m. to wake people up with a smile like she did. And sometimes, when someone was absent or sick, she went on and did not hesitate to replace him for a marathon day, sometimes to the detriment of his family life. But she loved her job as a host and was passionate about the world of radio, that’s for sure..”

This Sunday, the Indigo Center posted on the Facebook network a press release which goes in the same direction as the feeling shared by its president. “It’s unfair and brutal to lose you like this. Your constant benevolence, your delicate attentions and all that you brought to so many people will not be erased from our memories, ever”, indicated the Indigo Center. Your voice never let shine through anything but sunshine and happiness, even when certain moments of your life were difficult, you sent rays of joy and laughter. Your Indigo family thanks you for all that you have given them through all these years, there is no words that express what we can feel and the lack you will leave.”

The editorial staff of the DH / Les Sports Mons-Centre presents its most sincere condolences to the family of Mélanie Delhaye.

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