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After arriving expressly requested at Deportivo Cali, Sebastián Leyton lost prominence within Deportivo Cali, where he has not played since April 1. With two goals in the first half and only 10 games in the body, it was determined to terminate the contract early.

Sebastián Leyton scored two goals during his time at Deportivo Cali.
© Deportivo CaliSebastián Leyton scored two goals during his time at Deportivo Cali.

What started out as a big gamble ended quickly for Sebastian Leytonwho will not continue in the Deportivo Cali of Colombia, after reaching an agreement with the club led by Raphael Dudamel to terminate your contract early.

“The Asociación Deportivo Cali informs its associates, fans, media and public opinion in general, that by mutual agreement with the Chilean soccer player Sebastián Leyton, his employment contract with our institution is terminated,” they commented in a statement from the Deportivo Cali.

Leyton was expressly requested by Rafael Dudamel, who had seen Leyton when he was at Universidad de Chile and had to face him. For the same reason, he requested his incorporation, where the leadership took him to Cali.

It was on January 25 that he was presented as a great figure in Valle del Cauca, but little by little he lost prominence. Leyton played 10 games, scored 2 goals, against Pereira on date 4 and against Alianza Petrolera on date 8.

After this, he disappeared for the coach, who has not played him since April 1, when they tied 0-0 with La Equidad.

That’s not all, because the national player was also registered for the Copa Libertadores, but did not play a minute, where Cali finished third in his group and will continue his career in the Copa Sudamericana.

The national player will seek a new direction by returning to Chilean soccer, where the transfer market is open.

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