The kidnapping attempt near the Notre-Dame de Messines school was ultimately not one

More fear than harm for the pupil of the Notre-Dame de Messines school who thought he was the victim of an attempted kidnapping. The Mons/Quévy police zone indeed reveals that the schoolboy found himself in the middle of a huge misunderstanding. The men present in the van were in fact in the middle of a discussion with a member of their family and had no intention of kidnapping anyone.

Following the investigation carried out by our services, it appears that the attempted kidnapping of a pupil from the Notre-Dame de Messines primary school, which made the headlines this beginning of the week, was not an attempt. . It is, in fact, an unfortunate combination of circumstances.”, indicates the Mons/Quévy police zone.

Last Monday, people from the same family indeed met by chance and began to start a discussion. One was in front of his home and the others (a teenager and his father) are stationary, aboard said van. The young student passing, at this time, believed to be arrested by one of the people present in the vehicle when in reality, the occupants are simply in discussion with the person of their family.

The management of the establishment as well as the student’s family have been contacted by our services to be informed of the misunderstanding. Although in this case, we can be fully reassured, the police continue to advise everyone not to hesitate to contact their services in the face of any suspicious situations.”, concludes the police zone.

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