The 'King Marcelo', Alaba's chair, Ancelotti's mantle, Nacho's cape and a "Go for the City!"

ORa look of Benzema to the referee was the beginning of the party at the Bernabéu. The white number ‘9’ seemed to encourage Munuera Montero to whistle the final whistle in an extension time that was becoming eternal for Madrid. There was a desire to party and the white players couldn’t wait to celebrate the League they had won. No sooner said than done. Seconds after Karim looked at the referee, the final whistle sounded. Madrid was champion.

This is how the Real Madrid players are inside the field

All the Madrid players without exception raised their arms in victory. The most expressive, a Marcelo he raised his arms from his knees. He had the end of the dream match: starter and League champion, a title that makes him the most successful player in the history of Madrid. A Marcelo who experienced a ‘tribute match’, because with the score in favor, the Bernabéu did not stop chanting his name and applauding him. On one of the occasions, the player had to greet the stands in the middle of the game.

Hugs, tears of some, among them a tremendously emotional Ancelotti, and a Bernabéu surrendered to its players. Relaxed party for the veterans and relentless party for the youngest, such as a VInicius, Rodrygo and Valverde, who did not stop going from one place to another.


Benzema accompanied Marcelo to the box to collect the trophy, but as soon as he stepped on the grass he moved away from the Brazilian and left him all the prominence to lift it. The Brazilian enjoyed the moment in stylehe made a hole among his companions and raised the sky of Madrid a trophy that makes him a legend.

Ancelotti’s blanket

He was not the only one whose title made history, but also Ancelotti who closed the circle by winning the leagues in Italy, England, Germany, France and Spain. A Carletto who, after celebrate it big with all your coaching staff forming a circle and jumping, he went into the hands of his players, who They kept him with a Bernabéu cheering each flight of the technician. An Ancelotti who did not hesitate to take off his jacket in order to put on the 35th League commemorative shirt.

Nacho’s cape

The first heir to the cloak of Raul It was bouquets. Now without the former white captain, the tradition continues hand in hand with a Nacho who scored a few passes in front of the ‘olés’ in the stands. While the team celebrated the title, the youth squad stepped to one side of the pitch at the north end and there he continued with the capote tradition.

Family moment

After the first bars of the party, the relatives of the players began to have their leading role in the party on the field. The starting gun was given by Marcelo’s son and one of Modric’s sonswhich were the first to appear. From then on all the families gathered on the lawn with the children as protagonists for the photos with the trophy that will be an indelible memory.

Alaba’s chair

Alaba’s chair It has already become a reference in Madrid’s celebrations. When the party was coming to an end, from the animation stands of the stadium they invited the Austrian to exercise with his already famous tradition. “Pull out the chair, Alaba pull out the chair!”, they sang to him. Nacho went for one, gave it to his partner and Alaba raised the chair to the sky of Madrid in an image that is already white history since the first time against PSG.

Warming up the return of City

How could it be otherwise, the end of the party looked at City. Of ‘high’ by the conquered title, the Bernabéu has already started preparing for the Champions League comeback against Guardiola’s team. “Yes you can, yes you can!” Y “Go for the City, oeeee!”, were some of the songs that the white players heard. Then the message would come from the public address itself: “On Wednesday we will live another magical night at the Bernabéu, for the final in Paris!”.

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