The 'Kun' has no doubts: Agüero's predictions of those classified to the round of 16

When he was a working footballer, Sergio Agüero was very active on social networks, but since he retired due to a health problem, the time the Argentine spends on digital platforms has increased. Now, the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup has given ‘Kun’ one more reason to continue having fun.

This Sunday, hours after watching the opening of the World Cup and Ecuador’s victory over the Qatari team on TV, Agüero uploaded a video to his Instagram and Twitter account in which he gave his predictions for the teams he believes will qualify to the round of 16.

The ‘Kun’ gave his vote to the majority of the favorites and said that Mexico will accompany Argentina to the next round, in a series in which the Poland of the striker Robert Lewandowski and Saudi Arabia, the weakest rival of the team, are also installed. cluster.

“The World Cup has already started. Ecuador has already won, 2-0 against Qatar. I think that there (in Group A), Ecuador and the Netherlands would go through. Later, in Group B, England and the United States, you put the first and second. Argentina and Mexico (in Group C). I am not going to say who is first and who is second, and you can also decide, but Argentina has to go through. In Group D, Denmark and France. In Group E, Spain and Germany, In Group F, Belgium and Croatia. Brazil and Switzerland (in the G). And Portugal and Uruguay (in the H). There is my opinion. I don’t know about you. Let’s go Argentina”, was the prediction of the Argentine.

Rivals and fixture of Argentina in the World Cup

The Argentina team, led by Lionel Messi and world champion in 1978 and 1986, will make its debut in Group C of Qatar 2022 against Saudi Arabia, on Tuesday, November 22. Their next rivals will be Mexico (Saturday, November 26) and Poland (Wednesday, November 30).

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