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The new season of the series is about to hit the screen. Review the details below.

The Lord of the Skies will soon return to the screen.
© TelemundoThe Lord of the Skies will soon return to the screen.

The Lord of the heavens, the successful series of Telemundoofficially began production of its eighth seasonproviding details of what will happen to the casilla clan in the new chapters.

When does the eighth season premiere?

The series will return with its new chapters during 2023, although it still does not have a definitive date for its premiere.

The return of Rafael Amaya

The actor, who played Aurelio Casillas During the first seven seasons of fiction, he returns to the story after being absent in the previous installment.

The unexpected return excited fans because of how it capped off the character’s story. Let us remember that Aurelio, the leader of the Casillas Cartel, died as a result of the shot he received from “The Cape”who took revenge for the death of his son.

After spending time in a coma and undergoing a test program in the hope of saving his life, his mother, Doña Alba, decides to disconnect him so he can rest.

However, it was all a trap, since Aurelio faked his death with the help of his men, as the new preview of the fiction shows.

Rafael Amaya’s character appears lying inside a car with an oxygen mask, while the voiceover narrates: “It is said that only God sees us all, but sometimes, what is not seen has the power to destroy everything and everyone in its path.

As numerous men dig a grave with a homemade coffin, it opens, revealing that Aurelio is still alive and preparing for a new battle.

How did the seventh season end?

The seventh season left the future of a large part of the Casillas clan in unknown, after Ojeda and El Cabo poisoned them and the antidote arrived but not in quantities for everyone.

Despite the fact that much of the original cast returned to the new installment, the plot of the new installment has not yet been announced.

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