The millionaire income of the Champions: 105 kilos already for Madrid, 115 for Liverpool...

Participating in the Champions League is not anything for a big club. It is almost vital to their survival. not only gives sporting prestige. Behind the football, in the offices, there is at stake large financial amounts that can mark the planning of a season. And for now, at real Madrid not bad: sum 105.34 million euros in profits.

That is the figure that the white club accumulates for prizes in the maximum continental competition after eliminate PSG in an epic and even almost miraculous way in the round of 16, Chelsea in the quarterfinals and Manchester City in the semifinals. And, the last amount, 15.5 million euros to reach the finalcame thanks to a brace from Rodrygo and a goal from Benzema that weren’t just goals and overflowing joy: the white box brought in a good figure.

Champions League (second leg/semi-finals): Summary and goals of Real Madrid 3-1 Manchester City

Liverpool, the first

Only Liverpool, Real Madrid’s rival in the Paris final to be played on May 28, surpasses the club chaired by Florentino Prez. With 115.80 million eurosis the team that more money has won in the Champions League. And, now, both will fight for the last button: 4.5 million euros for winning the competition and another 3.5 extra for participating in the European Super Cup.

But Real Madrid and Liverpool are not the only ones who have made money from the Champions League. Many other clubs, to a greater or lesser extent, have made good profits. And, for example, the Spanish, Real Madrid, Villarreal, Atlético de Madrid, Barcelona and Seville have accumulated the astronomical number of 325.78 millions of euros.

Champions League (Second leg): Summary and goals of Villarreal 2-3 Liverpool

2,032 million euros to be distributed among 32 clubs

For the 2021/22 academic year and compared to the previous one, UEFA increased the prizes to be distributed among all the participating clubs 3.6 percent up to 2,032 million euros. The body chaired by Aleksander Ceferin awards its prizes for different concepts. The first, and the juiciest, responds to the sports merits. Just for accessing the group stage, each of the 32 teams received 15.6 million euros.

Within this first stage, each victory meant 2.8 million euros by club while a tie left an income of 930,000. For reaching the eighths In the end, the amount to be received reached €9.6 million; for the rooms, 10.6; and for the semifinals, 12.5.

The second concept responds to UEFA coefficient, a classification in each competition according to the coefficient of the last decade of the participating clubs. The higher the coefficient, the more points. AND, each point, with a maximum of 32, awards 1.1 million euros to each club.

And, the third concept, not yet quantified, corresponds to the ‘market pool’, that is, the TV money in UEFA competitions. The Champions League has a bag of 291 million euros to be distributed between the teams based on the weight of each market.

Villarreal’s explosion

With these parameters, the Spanish club that has entered the most money in the Champions League has been the real Madrid with a total of 105.34 million euros divided into 77.84 from the competition and 27.5 from the UEFA coefficient.

Spanish income

  1. Real Madrid €105.34 million
  2. Villarreal 84 million euros
  3. Atlético 63.270 million euros
  4. Barcelona 38.670 million euros
  5. Seville 34.430 million euros

Second, there is the Villarreal, which will explode economically after reaching the semifinals. The entity chaired by Fernando Roig will enter a minimum of €84 million waiting for the profits from the televisions. Of them, the prizes I won on the lawn amount to 57,670 million of euros, while the UEFA coefficient left in the coffers of the Castellón club another 26.4.

The Atletico Madrideliminated by Manchester City in the quarterfinals, love a total of 63.270 million euros: 42,370 for his sporting merits and 20.9 for the points he got this season in the UEFA coefficient.

It was worse for Barcelona, out of the tournament in the group stage. With his premature elimination, he barely gained 38.670 million euros in prizes for his achievements on the pitch and 16.50 for the coefficient. Later, already out of the Champions League, he got 2.908 million euros for reaching the quarterfinals of the Europa League.

Of the five Spanish teams that participated in the Champions League, the Seville He was the one who entered the least money. In total, it reached the figure of €34.43 billion after falling, like Barcelona, ​​in the group stage: 21,230 for his sporting achievements in the game and 13,200 thanks to the UEFA coefficient. Then, for going to the round of 16 of the Europa League, he added 1,163 million euros more.

Premier clubs lead the income ranking

Only the Premier League exceeds LaLiga Santander in revenue. Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United accumulated a total of 335.750 million euros9.97 more than those reached between Real Madrid, Villarreal, Atlético de Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla.

Liverpool has entered the maximum possible: 115,800 million euros for winning all their matches in the group stage, reaching the final and achieving the highest UEFA coefficient score of 32.

The rest of the major competitions are far behind the Premier League and the Santander League: Bundesligawith Leipzig, Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich and Wolfsburg, raised €186.15 billion; the Italian Series A with Milan, Inter, Atalanta and Juventus, 181.40; and France’s Ligue 1, with PSG and Lille, 110,600.

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