The movie hero

when in juneGareth Bale thus closed a golden era in the real Madrid and he went to los angeles it was not, not mainly, to enjoy hollywood. In his head was a scene, a the last dance, with l as the protagonist. Because the best or the worst that ends your Welsh In the 2022 World Cup, his success will depend.

His first appearance in the competition ended with the MVP and the role of savior for him when tying, in a script twist when defeat was hopelessly approaching… after having tiptoed past. Opposite, drama in his new house, a United States that paid dearly for its excess of relaxation.

A Super Bowl in Qatar… Can you imagine?

The craziest ideas are until they stop being, and the World Cup in Qatar and in the European winter is an indisputable example of this. Watching the initial show, with the XXXXXXXL World Cup trophy, the fireworks in the center of the field or the The Star Spangled Banner thundering, like the “USA, USA, USA!”, who dares to classify a Super Bowl here as impossible. Perhaps it is only necessary, if it has not already happened, that a sheikh becomes infatuated…

Cold, but not so…

The thing about air conditioning in stadiums is one of those things that you don’t give enough importance to, no matter how much they warn you, only this time things went well. After many complaints about the cold, very cold, during the first games of this World Cup, the premiere of the United States and Wales held up wonderfully. Short sleeves until the break, sweatshirt in the second half… and for the hotel.

Wales had a hard time waking up

There was a statistic that portrayed the lousy start of Wales, with difficulties even to set foot on the opposite field. After 45 minutes, 49 with the four added time, they registered two yellow cards (to Bale and Mepham)… and zero shots on goal. The feeling of danger was non-existent until he managed to correct himself and move forward. The final result, two yellows and three shots between sticks.

A little Bale… is a lot

Wales’ leading role, in good times and bad, has a first and last name: Gareth Bale. His performance traveled from the inconsequential to the crucial. Very far from his role in Euro 2020 and, of course, from 2016, because the years pass for everyone, one of his tricks put out the fire; in the blink of an eye, penalty provoked and penalty scored. His explosion of happiness, in communion with the stands, priceless.

But Pulisic!

Even the most ‘fake’ of those ‘fake fans’ who hang around the World Cup would know when they look at this game that the different one is Pulisic, who also wears the ’10’. In a flash he picked up the ball in three quarters of the field, entered the defense like a knife and filtered a fantasy assist. Then he left several similar raids and almost forced a penalty. This World Cup can relaunch a very promising career, but he will also need to haggle against that irregularity that condemns him to substitution at Chelsea.

Timothy, son of a… Weah

The most clueless will have launched into Google or the tweets of some French soccer expert, verifying that yes, of course, Timothy Weah is the son of the mythical George Weah. The only African Ballon d’Or, who did not play in the World Cup, can boast that how he defined his boy, who is growing up in Lille.

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