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The municipality of Ecaussinnes in urban planning offense for 9 months: "it’s a peak!" (Update)

The municipality of Ecaussinnes in urban planning offense for 9 months: "it's a peak!" (Update)

Has the municipality of Ecaussinnes been in urban planning offense for nine months? In any case, this is revealed by Sébastien Deschamps, ENSEMBLE adviser. It indicates that the municipality is in default of planning permission for the placement of six prefabricated modules hosting the offices of the works department. A conditional grant decision of the planning permit had been issued, dated October 8, 2019, by the delegated official, to the municipal administration of Ecaussinnes for the placement of these six prefabricated modules for an installation period of maximum two years at the municipal depot located at rue Jean Jaurès in Ecaussinnes-d’Enghien.

The deadlines granted by the delegated official made it possible to obtain time to set up a solution for moving the offices present in these modules.

In his decision, he had specified that the prior authorization was in place pending the construction of a new municipal depot which was at the time under study and that the authorization was therefore granted on a provisional basis for two years. . Several conditions were imposed in this permit: respect the provisions of the rescue zone Hainaut center, put an access ramp for people with reduced mobility, etc.“, says Sébastien Deschamps.

During the municipal council of June 28, 2021, the alderman of Works had reported that the project to relocate the municipal depot (currently located at rue Jean Jaurès) in the direction of rue de l’Avedelle was abandoned, account given the budgetary choices made by the municipal college until the end of the term of office. As a reminder, a project for a new modern communal depot was programmed in the general policy declaration at rue de l’Avedelle in Ecaussinnes.

For Sébastien Deschamps the urban planning offense is clear. “The municipality of Ecaussinnes is in violation of urban planning. It’s a shame when you know that it does not respect the rules when it must lead by example. The municipality is called upon to carry out daily checks, prosecutes people for urban planning offenses and does not respect the rules of the game on its own. Will the town planning department draw up a violation report on the communal facilities or turn a blind eye? It’s double standards…“, he cursed.

For his part, the mayor of Ecaussinnes confirms that the deadlines have been exceeded but ensures that he does what is necessary to regularize the situation. “The permit was granted to us on October 8, 2019 for a period of two years. It is therefore well and truly expired at the moment., confides Xavier Dupont, mayor of Ecaussinnes. “We wanted to build a new communal depot, but the current finances and the construction crisis did not allow us to carry out this project in the medium term. We have therefore launched a study for the complete regularization of the municipal depot, in particular with the rehabilitation and renovation of one of the buildings in order to be able to accommodate the offices within it. These offices will be more welcoming to officers and more visually appealing than pre-built modules. We will ask for an extension of the latter’s permit until the renovations can be carried out.”

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