The municipality of Incourt offers a bonus "anti-flood" to its citizens living in flood zones

The municipality of Incourt has not forgotten the events of last July, “knowing that we had aunheard of luck compared to neighboring municipalities”, insists Léon Walry. Following the increasingly frequent heavy rains and flooding, the college decided to grant a bonus “anti-flood” citizens living in areas known to be flood-prone. The objective is to protect the property against water intrusion. A bonus which can relate to a possible return up to 18 months back.

The applicant must submit a complete file to the college in order to obtain a bonus of 50% of the total amount of the invoice for the work carried out or the equipment installed, capped at €500. “We were received by the municipality of Orp-Jauche and we were inspired by the many actions implemented there”adds Joseph Tordoir.

The regulation must still be approved by the supervisory authority before entering into force.

The areas known to be liable to flooding are as follows: Opprebais, rue du Saussois, rue Wastines, Axiale, rue de la Commone, rue d’Incourt; Roux-Miroir, rue de la Haie and rue Basse; Piétrebais, chemin des Sources, rue de Louvain, rue Basse, Fond du Village, Marcel Louis, Georges Hendricks, Bois des Queues, rue de Sart-Melin, lane Minsart; Glimes, chemin de Bomal, rue de Bomal, rue du Baulois, rue Thorembais, de Huppaye (near the speed bump, near rue du Baulois); Incourt, rue d’Opprebais (Chisebais), rue Longpré, de Brombais, d’Opprebais, d’Incourt, chaussée de Namur between path no. 33 and rue Sainte-Ragenufle as well as the crossing of rue de Hoegaerde.

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