Guillermo Abascal

Guillermo Abascal will instill dominant football in Spartak. In his first interview after the appointment, he noted the good work of the staff of Paolo Vanoli

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Guillermo Abascal

(Photo: Matthias Hangst/Getty Images)

The new head coach of Spartak, Spaniard Guillermo Abascal, called dominance the main idea of ​​his coaching philosophy. In an interview with the press service of the “red-bygone” he declaredthat the team will pay great attention to ball control.

“Barcelona, ​​of which I am a student, has given me a lot,” said the 33-year-old. — Its main idea is dominating football. My philosophy is slightly different, but the main idea remains the same – you need to dominate and own the ball. It will be intense and aggressive football. This is how we will win.”

Abascal also noted that he had already studied the matches of Spartak. “My assistants and I watched ten games, including the Russian Cup final,” the coach said. “Of course, there are moments that need to be worked on. But there is also a lot of positive left – the previous Spartak coaching staff did a good job.

Spaniard Guillermo Abascal became the new head coach of Spartak

Photo: Getty Images

The Spartak coaching staff will include two more Spanish specialists who have previously worked with Abaskal. The assistant will be Carlos Maria Valle Moreno, and the fitness coach will be Fernando Pérez Lopez.

Physical training coach Alexander Zaichenko and goalkeeping coach Vasily Kuznetsov, who were part of the coaching staff of Paolo Vanoli, will continue their work at Spartak.

Paolo Vanoli left Spartak last week, Abascal was appointed in his place. The Italian specialist took 10th place with Spartak in the championship and led the team to the first Russian Cup since 2003.

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