Alexander Bolshunov

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The Norwegian national cross-country skiing team uses the portrait of Bolshunov for motivation

The coach of the national team, Eirik Mur Nossum, said that the Russian was the best skier in the world in recent years, what you need to strive for

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Alexander Bolshunov

(Photo: Laurent Salino/Agence Zoom/Getty Images)

The Norwegian cross-country skiing team uses the portrait of Russian Alexander Bolshunov for motivation. About this TV2 told team coach Eirik Muir Nossum.

“We hung a portrait of Alexander Bolshunov on the wall. He has been the best skier in the world in recent years, he is someone to compete with. There is a lot of motivation in this. But given the current situation in the world, it is absolutely correct that he and other Russians are not allowed to compete,” Nossum said.

Bolshunov with the words “perhaps they are being forced” appreciated the criticism of the Norwegians

Alexander Bolshunov

According to the coach, Norwegian skiers should not relax in the absence of Russians. “Without Bolshunov, it’s easy to come to terms with the fact that even if we spend more time on the series than on training before the next season, we can do just fine. But it’s a dangerous thought,” Nossum added.

Russian athletes on the recommendation of the IOC in March were suspended from international tournaments in most sports.

Norwegian athletes have repeatedly spoken out in support of the removal of the Russians, including five-time Olympic champion Johannes Klebo. At the same time, Oyvind Vatterdal, deputy chairman of the Norwegian Olympic Committee, left his post in March due to disagreement with the committee’s calls to remove Russians and Belarusians.

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