The Open Vld and the N-VA renounce the parliamentary mission in Central Africa: "No added value and too high a cost"

The Flemish liberals do not see the added value while the Flemish nationalists fear that this visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi will open the door to financial reparations. A commission delegation is due to travel to Central Africa at the beginning of September to meet the authorities of these three countries, academic representatives and members of civil society. During the hearings she conducted, several Congolese speakers also insisted on the importance of a visit to the former colonies.

On Twitter, Jasper Pillen (Open Vld) felt that the work of the commission should take place in parliament. “The Open Vld will not participate in a long journey in the former colonies. No added value and too high a cost,” he said.

“The visit is, in our opinion, part of Vivaldi’s trial of intent, which seeks to make the citizen pay financial reparations and a fine for our colonial past. We pass our turn and we prefer a dialogue with the African community at We want to look to the future with Kinshasa, Kigali and Bujumbura, and not procrastinate on the past,” said Tomas Roggeman (N-VA).

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