Referee Elroy Marshall stops the fight between Mntungwa and Buthelezi, who died two days later.

“The only thing I wanted was to win the title, which might help me change my life and that of my family.. I am the only one who works at home, where I live with my younger brother, my aunt and her children, ”the boxer commented with despair and some guilt. Siphesihle Mntungwa.

Thus, with that dream, the 27-year-old South African faced the fight for the African lightweight title of the World Boxing Association (WBA. His rival was his compatriot Simiso Buthelezi (24). Mntungwa achieved the goal of keeping the championship belt, but the story did not end well.

It is that the winner was in the eye of the storm after the death of his rival, who had gone viral for throwing blows into the air after being groggy. The severe injuries he sustained during the fight were fatal to Buthelezi.

Referee Elroy Marshall stops the fight between Mntungwa and Buthelezi, who died two days later.

“I received strong criticism and insults on social media when Simiso was hospitalized, but those threats went to another level after his death. Even my neighbors have posted very ugly messages about me. All I wanted was to win that title because it was going to help me financially, but people have called me a murderer“, he began by describing Mntungwa on Sowetan LIVE.

“I did not kill Simiso Buthelezi. We simply fought in a boxing match, but it was not life or death, “the boxer tried to explain and thus defend himself from his harassers. And he added: “I can’t stand it. I have only one thing left, I’m going to kill myself”. Chilling.

Mmeli Mkhizehis coach, said that the pressures that fell on his pupil were so great that he could not attend the funeral or accompany the Buthelezi relatives in that difficult moment, something that he would have liked, and detailed that he is seeking professional assistance to help him overcome the emotional crisis in which he is immersed.

The chronology of a tragic outcome

The fight for the vacant WBA African lightweight title took place in Durban, South Africa. Buthelezi’s dominance was such that he left his rival on the verge of knockout in the tenth round and prevailed on the scorecards, but, unusually, when his opponent got up, he began to throw punches into the air, away from Mntungwa’s position. There the referee stopped the fight.

He was immediately taken to a nearby hospital. The doctors managed to stabilize him and believed that he was out of danger, but then They found that he had severe brain injuries and went into a coma.

Doctor Buyi Mabaso-Dlamini, from King Edward VIII Hospital, gave more details and described that suffered internal bleedingwhich two days later caused his death.

The news was confirmed by the South African Professional Boxing Commission. “It is with great sadness for South African Boxing and the Buthelezi family that we report the passing of Simiso Buthelezi on the night of June 7 in hospital,” reads an official statement.

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