The planet looks at the next 'total' player

LThe last promise to follow in the next World Cup in Qatar is xavi simons. The Dutchman arrives at the big World Cup event after breaking into PSV at the hands of Ruud van Nistelrooy.

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After a few years of training in the youth ranks of FCB and PSG, the footballer seems to have found a place to grow and train within the European elite.

For this reason, from MBP School of Coaches We are going to analyze what player profile Xavi Simons is, highlighting the fundamentals that he tends to play the most, and what impact he has on his teams.

What player profile is it?

Xavi Simons is a footballer of offensive characteristics. Until now He has played as an attacking midfielder, striker and even as a winger. Thanks to the structures that stand out above him, the Dutchman has high adaptability to perform successfully in any position on the attack front.

Delving into the structures, we identify how the cognitive, coordinative and socio-affective structures stand out above the rest.

The player owns a high interpretation of the game. Despite his young age, he interprets the game very well, not only with respect to which zones he should occupy, but also which tactical behaviors he should perform depending on the situation.

Likewise, to his excellent interpretation of the game, we add his excellent technical level. The union between both abilities allows him to be able to execute actions out of the reach of many players.

On the other hand, thanks to his socio-affective structure, the player has the ability to generate synergies with the closest companions to its area of ​​influence. Thanks to this, it manages to enhance their performance.

What fundamentals of the game do you usually perform?

Regarding the fundamentals that the Dutchman performs best, we identify how he has a wide resource depending on the demarcation that plays. However, there are three that stand out above the rest.

The first of them is the extreme principle of “generating advantages through control by attacking the ball”. One of Simons’ main abilities is situations of advantage can be generated through controleither to overcome his direct defender, or to position himself in an advantageous situation to carry out the subsequent action.

Before the execution of the foundation, Xavi scan the environment before receiving the pass, thus achieving, being able to obtain an image of the environment. Depending on the positioning of the elements that surround him, the player chooses to direct the control towards one side or the other.

The second foundation to highlight is “to look for a game in vertical progression to the attack”. Once Xavi Simons is in the 3/4 area, his tendency is to seek progression in the actions he performs through the following sequence of priorities: pass to the teammate in advantage, individual driving to enter the finishing zone, move to the sides to progress through another sector.

Due to the optimal execution of the foundation, the player manages to provide his team with an adequate progression depending on the game situation. In addition, your peripheral vision is brightallowing you to see unimaginable passes to players who are making breakouts.

Lastly, another of the player’s great skills is the application of the principle “get unmarked in the direction of goal from behind the central defenders”.

Football player identifies when a situation of imbalance occurs in the rival defensive line, or when the close center-back is focused on the ball, to attack his back. Thanks to this, he manages to make him lose the visual reference of the marking and to be able to receive in an advantageous situation with respect to the defender.

What impact does it have on your teams?

It is still early to determine the impact that Xavi Simons has on his club, as on the national team, due to the short period of time he has been with them. However, it is undoubtedly highlight the personality that the player has on the fieldalways asking for the ball in front of any type of situation and wanting to be a participant during the offensive phase of the game.

In addition, an aspect to highlight that generates advantageous situations for their teammates on the field of play, is the ability to attract rivals when in possession of the ball.

Thanks to his technical ability, the Dutchman manages to gather many rivals around him, managing to generate situations of defense imbalance in the rival, which his teammates can take advantage of.


The good start to the season that Xavi Simons is making has allowed him to be part of the Dutch team for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. We will see if Louis van Gaal trusts the young pearl, and how he is responding to him on the pitch.

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