"The player's reaction does not bode well", "his provocative game exposes him": the international press is worried about Neymar

The diagnosis came quickly. Mandatory transparency vis-à-vis the 214 million Brazilians who fell into anguish this Thursday evening when they saw Neymar in tears on the bench. “Neymar has a sprained ankle,” communicated Rodrigo Lasmar, the team doctor. “We started the treatment immediately and he must wait between 24 and 48 hours to see. There is nothing else to do at this time.”

The fatalism of the Seleçao doctor’s remarks did not reassure the Brazilians. Like the country, the national press is worried about the future of the PSG player in this World Cup to the point thatAt Folha lists the symptoms and each type of ankle sprain. “It is the most recurrent injury in football”said the Sao Paulo newspaper, also returning to the match, welcoming that “Richarlison has resurrected Brazil’s number 9 position.

A Tarde points out the fact that “Neymar has become the player with the most fouls in the first round of a World Cup group stage,” while generally calling for “control his emotions to get the sixth star.”

In Europe, the newspapers are also worried about the health of the Parisian while insisting on the clubbing of the player by the Serbs. “The Brazilian suffered nine fouls, five more than any other player on the pitch. His game of provocation exposes him, it’s true, and the Seleçao must deal with this risk. This new blow for the Parisian is part of a long list of glitches suffered since his arrival at PSG in August 2017”precise The Team when Eurosport wonders if heis cursed?”

The Spaniards of AS deplore that he has “suffered from hard tackles” while the German press via Kicker estimate that “the reaction of the player does not bode well.

This exit recalls his premature withdrawal from the 2014 World Cup when he had to leave his family in the quarter-finals after fracturing a vertebra, which is what refers to Gazzetta dello Sport : “The global nightmare is back for him. In 2014, Neymar felt that he had been robbed of his final at home by injuring him in the quarter. Let’s hope for the good of football that we don’t relive this scene. His World Cup could already be over even if coach Tite is convinced otherwise.

In a press conference, the coach insisted that his number 10 “would play again here in Qatar. His World Cup is not over.” For The Guardian, this reflects more of a deft means of communication rather than a certainty. “Maybe Tite’s relaxed demeanor was an attempt to avoid the hysteria that followed his injury in 2014?

One thing is certain. A whole country trembles and holds its breath as specified At Folha. And this anxious situation is likely to last for several days.

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