Marcelo is an example

The Manchester City-Liverpool did not decide anything finally, but it didn’t matter. The best game in the world this Sunday made all the spectators vibrate who saw it in many countries. It’s a bad time to say it, after Chelsea-Real Madrid 1-3, but the intensity+technique of this match is difficult to achieve in another match of any other League. Technique can be matched or beaten, but intensity, in a good way, is tough.

The bad thing is that the game is over. The good thing is that in a week (next Saturday at Wembley) there is another one, on the occasion of the first semi-final of the FA Cup. And there may be a second, if both teams reach the final of the Champìons (hopefully not, due to the presence of a Spaniard).

It can also be argued that the Premier offers this because you spend more than anyone, there is more money than anywhere else, etc… Whatever you want, but the Premier is a lot of fun.

The Premier: another rhythm, livelier, more fun. Other level

Forgive me my colleague Felipe del Campo, who always messes with international football freaks, but this clash was a new test: the Premier is going at a different pace. I’m not saying that it’s better football, but I do say that it’s more dynamic, fun, with less lying (simulations, wasting time…). The City-Pool confirmed to those who watch football from all over the world that the Premier has a different rhythm, that is, better. Yes. that Madrid danced to Chelsea, but here we speak in general lines and, almost always, in particular.

Pep and Juanma, on the bench.

Pep and Juanma, on the bench.

Juanma, the one who knows the most… and encourages

I always say. Juanma Lillo is the person who knows the most about football in Spain, at least that I have met. I doubt that there is someone with more interrelation of football concepts in his head than the Basque coach. Now he lights up Pep as second – it took a long time for that professional relationship to appear. When Guardiola gets flustered, Lillo is there to guide him one way or the other. When the team sinks, Juanma gets up to cheer. When the team celebrates, Lillo never gets up. It is her current background, which is the first for Pep.

Anthony Taylor and Grealish.

Anthony Taylor and Grealish.

A Manchester referee… whistling in Manchester

And nothing happens because this is another culture (in this case, better). The match referee, the legendary Anthony Taylor, was born in Manchester and the Premier rules do not prevent him from refereeing City, since he has not commented on which club he is a fan of. In fact, Taylor lives a few meters from Old Trafford. Moreover, the person in charge of the VAR in this match, Paul Tierney, is also from Manchester. Gentlemen, nothing happens. another culture. This is Premier.

Gabriel Jesus, from ‘9’ to extreme

Pep Guardiola always brings little things to his teams. Innovate, influence, try and succeed, almost always. One more proof is Gabriel Jesus, who was a typical center forward and whom Pep took out of the area to place him on the far right, where he is performing absolutely. “He likes to be on the wings more and he never complains,” Pep said of GJ. Yesterday, from that band, the Brazilian scored one of the goals. He then passed to the left as Mahrez entered the field. In short, the lawn agrees with Pep again.

De Bruyne celebrates the first goal with Rodri behind.

De Bruyne celebrates the first goal with Rodri behind.

How well De Bruyne plays!

Kevin (Great!) De Bruyne is one of those players who will go down in football history for being cracks without the ‘liar’ Ballon d’Or crown. ‘Liar’ because he doesn’t always distinguish those who were better. And ‘crown’ because it seems that if you don’t have it, you weren’t crack. Fortunately, as happens with players like Xavi or Iniesta, football has a memory and we will all remember these phenomena who were not awarded the Gold crown. Yesterday, KDB once again demonstrated that he is a crack. Nice to see you.

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