Messi stretches his shirt in a clear sign of discontent.  Photo: EFE

The Argentine captain did not have a good game against Saudi Arabia and the rumors began to spread. What did he do in the last hours and how is he physically.

A concern within the concern left by the defeat in the debut of the National Team against Saudi Arabia was Lionel Messi’s performancewho could not get into play as much as he would have liked, beyond having converted his goal number seven from a penalty in his twentieth World Cup game.

The rumors about the Argentine 10 are always ready to circulate without any brake, the majority without support. In the run-up to the initial game, in fact, much was said about his physique when he trained a couple of different times to regulate loads. And, after the premiere far from his high level, again the whispers of versions around his state reappeared. Is something really wrong with the captain?

The first thing that must be said to deactivate any possible alarm is that Messi is not injured. If that were the case, he would not have been able to play the 90 minutes of the friendly against the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi, with a great goal included, six days before facing the Arabs in Qatar, a duel that he also completed.

Messi stretches his shirt in a clear sign of discontent. Photo: EFE

yes it is true that For several months now, he has been dealing with discomfort in the lower area of ​​his left leg.. In April of this year, by case, from Paris Saint-Germain it was reported that the Rosario had to be absent against Angers, on date 33 of Ligue 1 in France, for undergoing treatment for inflammation of the Achilles tendon.

After that, Leo continued playing and exhibiting a high level, both in Paris and when he had to wear the shirt of his country on the preparation tours. Nevertheless, that discomfort was always latent. Every once in a while she reminds him again that she didn’t leave, that she’s still there.

Without going further, 20 days ago he had to put the handbrake on again at PSG: He was absent against Lorient in the penultimate match before the World Cup. He then played 75 minutes of the next game before hopping on a plane to the Middle East.

In the current season, Messi had already been absent in two other games, against Reims and Benfica in Portugal in the first half of October, due to calf pain…

Messi takes the head after the second goal of Saudi Arabia.  Photo: Reuters

Messi takes the head after the second goal of Saudi Arabia. Photo: Reuters

The fact that many do not take into account and that is mostly overlooked is that Lionel Andrés is no longer a kid. His 35 years don’t come alone and his intensity of play sometimes takes its toll on him. For a logical matter of age, recoveries take longer.

That’s the reason why the best player in the world has to be cautious to know how to manage his efforts. He is the one who knows the most when he should loosen up in rehearsals to get to the games well. He did just that in the run-up to putting first in his fifth World Cup.

Is that also the cause of their irregular interaction against Arabia? It drew attention, it is true, that Leo did not go down so much to make contact with the ball, his ally, something that he usually does both in the National Team and in his club. He often remained located well up and that made him lose prominence in his team for some sections.

Angel Di María, even with bad resolutions, assumed that role more when in the second half Argentina was desperate and without an order to the charge to look for a draw that they never achieved.

Lionel Messi holds his left leg after being hit in the match against Saudi Arabia.  Xinhua photo.

Lionel Messi holds his left leg after being hit in the match against Saudi Arabia. Xinhua photo.

Messi had a header that was saved by the goalkeeper. He could not give power to that great front of the 10 albiceleste and the ball was left between Arab gloves. Y there also the illusion of getting at least one point at the beginning was extinguished.

Messi himself was in charge of notifying that he felt physically well at the press conference that he himself decided to do the day before. Over there he was eager, relaxed and smilinga very different countenance with which he ended the defeat that resounded throughout Qatar.

The day after, the captain moved in the gym along with the rest of those who were starters, while the others went out to the training field to move more intensely. They say that he is in good spirits once the blow has passed. He recharged his battery when he was reunited with his family on Wednesday afternoon, as was the entire campus. And he wants to reverse the situation now because, as he said, This may be his last Cup.

The Flea He will be present at the tactical rehearsal this Thursday and, of course, he will also go out again with the ribbon on his arm, leading the team to the Lusail field this Saturday to face Mexico.

Hopefully this time, the story ends differently.

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