The Royal Belgian League for the Protection of Birds settles in Namur

The new infrastructure should make it possible to meet growing demand in Wallonia. “A large part of our information, awareness-raising and activism activities take place in Wallonia”, explained the LRBPO on this subject. “More than 75% of our members live there. This is why it therefore seemed essential for the board of directors of our association to accentuate our physical presence in the Walloon region, next to our educational center Jalna in Marche .”

Part of the league team will now work from Namur, the other remaining active in Brussels. The focus will remain on militancy actions against all attacks faced by birds and wildlife. The objective of the LRBPO in establishing itself in Namur is also to get closer to its partners such as Les Cercles des Naturalistes de Belgique and Ardenne&Gaume.

The opening of the information center and the nature shop near the new offices should allow the association to offer a complete offer on the Walloon territory. Initially, they will be accessible from Monday to Friday. An opening on Saturday is also announced in the future, when the teams will have been reinforced.

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