The ruling of the Court.

One week after the 1-1 draw between Godoy Cruz Y Velez by Professional League, and after the first leg match for the quarterfinals of the Libertadores Cup between Fort and Workshopsthe sanction was finally known Alexander Medina for its unusual and unsportsmanlike infraction against Matías Ramírez.

In the middle of the match, the Tomba winger faced down the wing against Tomas Guidara’s mark and it was Cacique’s leg, inside the field of play, which ended up cutting off the advance. The referee, Pablo Echavarría, expelled him immediately for the action. This Thursday, at the last minute, the Disciplinary Court published the Bulletin and Finally, the Vélez coach received four dates for the infraction.

either way, the sanction can be replaced by an economic fine of 165,600 pesos and, if paid, the Cacique may be on the bench this Sunday against Union. It should be noted that, having received one more date of punishment, the sanction would have been of effective compliance, so that I could no longer have replaced it by paying a fine.

“GODOY CRUZ (Mendoza) v. VELEZ SARSFIELD Ia. 07/29/2022 FILE 89114: STechnical director Alexander Jesús Medina Reobasco is suspended for four games or fined 92 pesos ($165,600), of the Velez Sarsfield Club. Arts. 287 and 260/1 of the Royal Decree (enter the field of play and interfere with it)”, details the error.

Something similar happened 7 days ago when the beneficiary with the chance of a fine was coach Facundo Sava, from the Board of Trustees. El Colorado had exploded against referee Jorge Baliño during and towards the end of the so-called “scandal match” against Barracas Central. After insulting the referee with an aggressive tone and in front of the cameras, the DT saw the red card. And after the match he entered the court and pushed him in the middle of the tumult that ended with the intervention of the police, wounded and detained, in a night full of tension. Sava was given 4 dates but he could be on the bench against Boca, celebrating the historic victory of the Paraná team.

The ruling of the Court.

What had Medina said after the expulsion?

“He was struggling with Guidara, he slips and goes off the field. Instinctively, I put my foot on him. But the expulsion was well decreed. We feel football in a very special way. The coaches, beyond the fact that I stopped playing a few years ago, we never lose that of the footballer, we feel like them. But it was an isolated play, nothing that happens every day”, argued the Uruguayan after the game.

Ramírez, meanwhile, maintained: “I didn’t realize, When I see a pair of jeans on the court, it seemed crazy to me. I turned around and realized that the coach had put his foot on the field, it was unsportsmanlike. One can have a spirit of competitiveness and what one wants, but we are also competing and it was not a good attitude”.

The history of the Chief

Cacique Medina already had a similar background, although not of aggression as happened in Mendoza. In August 2021, the coach, at that time from Talleres, entered the field of play to cut a play in a match against Union. After that action, incredibly he only received a sanction of a date or a fine, but for “protesting the ruling”.

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