The SAOT opens in a World Cup: this is how offside will be whistled in Qatar

ANDhe World Cup in Russia was a revolution for the world of football with the appearance of the VAR. Curiously, at the World Cup, no one discussed the use of VAR. Quite the contrary, to what has happened in later years and especially in club competitions. Now it is the turn, although it is already being put into practice in some competitions, semi-automatic offside (SAOT). The technology allows the option of resolutions with a three-dimensional animation, generated automatically during the game.

Gianni Infantino has always defended justice within football. That is why I fought for the implementation of the VAR and now because the machine decide what is or is not offside and do it quickly. The changes that are projected do not stop here, but for the moment it is the one that has been decided, it is to define the correct position of the striker.

The semi-automatic offside will be official in the World Cup in Qatar

How will you decide? The ball will carry inside an inertial measurement unit (IMU), to send a data packet 500 times per second to the video room, which will make it possible to detect with absolute precision the exact moment the ball is hit. The story of the frame above, frame below is over.

The goal is to reduce decision making of the current 70 seconds, from average to 25 or less. The technological improvement will be accompanied by 12 cameras installed under the roof of each stadium to capture the movements of the ball. and up to 29 data points from each player that will be taken 50 times per second. This data is then transmitted to a specific offside AVAR to verify and make his recommendation to the VAR and the field referee.

The doubt comes when the play needs interpretation of the VAR. What happens at that moment? Only participate in determining, regarding interference in the game or an opponent, since they are subjective decisions. The referee is notified, who will penalize immediately.

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